Lauren Worley

Therapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Serving the Montrose, California Area

A helping hand each step of the way

Providing therapy for young people and their families in the Montrose, California area.

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Trauma Treatment

Is your family struggling from the effects of trauma? I specialize in trauma informed treatment, helping my clients understand how the trauma is playing a role in their lives and how they can make changes that create a more peaceful home environment. I know that you are the expert on your family and will work with you to identify the best solutions.

Kids & Teens

Have you noticed that your child is acting differently and you aren’t sure how to help them? Families who work with me find that they learn to understand what is driving their child’s behaviors and how to respond to them in a way that leads to more peaceful interactions and a happier home life. Many kids and teens that work with me appreciate my style, are receptive to talking about their thoughts and feelings, and to make needed changes. I love moody teenagers!

Self Acceptance

I offer a strength based perspective, helping clients to nurture their strengths into self compassion and patience so that they can make major changes in their lives. I offer a culturally sensitive and affirming approach in working with all clients, including supporting LGBTQ+ teens and young adults.

About Me

I am a Therapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in treatment of children, youth, and families. What does that mean for you? It means I have a background helping those populations rediscover themselves.

I have experience supporting families through difficult life changes and transitions. I work with clients with trauma, depression, anxiety, and ADHD like behaviors. In addition to working with children and youth, I also work with adults dealing with life changes such as infertility, gender transition issues, and other new beginnings. If you are entering into a new phase of life, or having trouble dealing with the phase you are in, I can help support and guide you.